Dacia Duster I  1.5 DIESEL I 2016 I MANUAL I 4X4 #DUSTER 1                 \\\\\\\\

Dacia Duster I 1.5 DIESEL I 2016 I MANUAL I 4X4 #DUSTER 1 \\\\\\\\

  • 3× Luggage Quantity
  • 5× Persons
  • Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Free distance: Unlimited
  • Deposit: 15 ISK
  • Drive: 4x4
  • Km: Unlimited mileage
  • 4 Adults

✔ The insurance covers: - broken windows, lamps, scratches on the car body caused by stones during a sandstorm. Broken door in case of strong wind. - Engine damage, engine failure while driving - if the driver did not intervene in the engine failure (e.g. with bad fuel). - Minor defects, broken doormat. - THE WINDSCREEN IS 85% INSURED. THEREFORE, IN THE EVENT OF DAMAGE TO THE WINDOW, THE CUSTOMER RENTING A CAR PAYS 15%. ✔ The insurance does not cover: - Broken wheels - damaged car chassis - sinking the car (engine) in the river. If the driver of the rental car uses the roads designated for traffic in Iceland, none of the above-mentioned disadvantages will definitely not occur. You can even travel on side roads (called internal roads), but these also need to be designated and passable on the day of the tour. It is also very important to check the weather as the weather in Iceland changes very fast and is very dangerous.

Days Price
1 - 31 days 20000 ISK / day